Most cited in 2023

Most cited articles in 2023 from the 2 previous years

1. Air disinfection procedures in the dental office during the COVID-19 pandemic
Monika Tysiąc-Miśta, Agnieszka Dubiel, Karolina Brzoza, Martyna Burek, Karolina Pałkiewicz
2. Workload, job satisfaction and occupational stress in Polish midwives before and during the COVID-19 pandemic
Arkadiusz Mirosław Jasiński, Romuald Derbis, Radosław Walczak
3. The relationship between nurse’s job satisfaction and missed nursing care
Ilona Plevová, Renáta Zeleníková, Darja Jarošová, Eva Janíková
4. Differential impact of COVID-19 lockdown on physical activity in younger and older adolescents – prospective study
Marijana Geets Kesic, Barbara Gilic, Ivana Cerkez Zovko, Patrik Drid, Darinka Korovljev, Damir Sekulic
5. What is job crafting? Review of theoretical models of job crafting
Łukasz Kapica, Łukasz Baka
6. Epidemiology, diagnosis, and prevention of tick-borne encephalitis in Poland and selected European countries – a position statement of the Polish group of experts
Ernest Kuchar, Joanna Zajkowska, Robert Flisiak, Agnieszka Mastalerz-Migas, Magdalena Rosińska, Leszek Szenborn i wsp.
7. Remote working forced by COVID-19 pandemic and its influence on neck pain and low back pain among teachers
Joanna Maria Zyznawska, Weronika Maria Bartecka
8. Psychometric properties of the Polish adaptation of Technostress Creators and Technostress Inhibitors Scale
Paweł Kot
9. A study of character strengths, work engagement and subjective well-being in Chinese registered nurses
Xiaotong Ding, Houming Kan, Xueqin Chu, Chenyu Sun, Feiyan Ruan
10. Healthcare workers highly affected during the COVID-19 epidemic wave in Poland prior to vaccination availability: seroprevalence study
Magdalena Rosińska, Małgorzata Stępień, Wioleta Kitowska, Małgorzata Milczarek, Grzegorz Juszczyk, Zuzanna Nowacka i wsp.
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