Most cited 2020
Most cited articles in 2020 from the 2 previous years

1. Analytical strategies for assessing occupational exposure to antineoplastic drugs in healthcare workplaces
Stefano Dugheri, Alessandro Bonari, Ilenia Pompilio, Pierpaolo Boccalon, Daniela Tognoni, Michele Cecchi, Massimo Ughi, Nicola Mucci, Giulio Arcangeli
2. Electromagnetic field in the environment − estimation methods and monitoring
Paweł Bieńkowski 1, Joanna Podlaska, Bartłomiej Zubrzak
3. Prevention of the musculoskeletal system’s dysfunction based on the example of Prevention Program of Spinal Pain Syndrome in Nursing Staff
Matylda Sierakowska, Halina Doroszkiewicz, Dorota Kondzior, Krystyna Klimaszewska, Zofia Jemieljańczuk, Cecylia Dolińska
4. Biological significance of chromium III for the human organism
Anna Piotrowska, Wanda Pilch, Łukasz Tota, Gabriel Nowak
5. Relationship between PM2.5 concentration in the ambient air and daily exacerbation of respiratory diseases in the population of Silesian voivodeship during winter smog
Małgorzata Kowalska, Jan Eugeniusz Zejda
6. A job crafting measure: psychometric properties of the Polish version of the Job Crafting Scale
Anna Rogala, Roman Cieślak
7. Evaluation of the impact of sagittal spinal curvatures on musculoskeletal disorders in young people
Anna Zwierzchowska, Jacek Tuz
8. Selected personality traits as predictors of coping flexibility in a group of officers of the State Fire Service
Ewa Stępka-Tykwińska, Małgorzata Anna Basińska, Michalina Sołtys, Anna Piórowska
9. The feeling of threat and stress: the mediating role of social ties in the workplace on the example of the mine rescuer occupation
Marta Stasiła-Sieradzka, Elżbieta Turska
10. Job-related emotions and job burnout among civil servants: examining the shape of the relationship in cross-sectional and longitudinal models
Beata A. Basińska, Ewa Gruszczyńska

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